Sustainability and Accountability in Action

Vantage Leuna sees incorporating aspects of environmental protection and a sustainable approach to doing business into its everyday activities as an important duty. Our goal is to use economical and environmentally friendly methods to make top-quality products that are as gentle as possible on the environment throughout their life cycles. Environmental aspects are therefore an integral part of our management system’s structure for making decisions and taking action.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care

What is Responsible Care?

Responsible Care was born in Canada in 1987 and has since spread to 45 countries. The voluntary initiative was a response by chemical industry associations to the public’s environmental, safety and health concerns. Responsible Care goes above and beyond what is legally required in most countries.

Vantage Leuna has pledged to actively support the Responsible Care program of the VCI, Germany’s chemical industry association. Implementing the program at our company is our contribution to sustainable development.

Vantage Leuna GmbH as daughter of Vantage Specialties, Inc. is member of RSPO (Roundtable for sustainable palm oil). Since September 2019 Vantage Leuna is certified for RSPO SCCS (Supply Chain Certification Standard) for the supply chain model MB (Mass balance). The RSPO certification stands for use of sustainable palm oil across the whole supply chain.

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RSPO Certification