Leuna Chemical Complex

Top Location – Top Conditions

The Leuna Chemical Complex, along with the specialization of our production activities, is an important advantage. The infrastructure and location of the complex in the heart of Europe, with its many chemical facilities and convenient connections, provide reliable access to many raw materials that are necessary for our production activities in a manner that helps conserve resources. This offers us the greatest possible independence and flexibility in our production processes.

Vantage Leuna has modern chemical facilities at a site measuring over 95,000 square meters. The outstanding industrial service structure offers optimal conditions for efficient, individualized production. In addition, our location makes it possible to expand quickly and efficiently as needed in the future.

The city of Leuna, after which the complex is named, is located to the east of the industrial park.

For more information for businesses, investors and the general public, please visit the InfraLeuna GmbH website.